| Fleet operations/ Time charter

We are time charter and commercial managers of several marine vessels

Our company provides the following list of services for operating sea vessels and river-sea vessels

commercial management

Commercial operation of a vessel on behalf of the owner. The assessment of the commercial feasibility of operating the vessel in the particular market conditions; assessment of the demand for the type of vessel in the carrier market; assessment of the feasibility of restoration or repair measures for the vessel in the given conditions and the costs of services of contracting such operations.

technical management

Technical operation of a vessel on behalf of the owner. Implementing a of a full range of measures to determine the technical condition of the vessel and subsequent monitoring of the need for maintenance / repair of hull structures and mechanisms. Assessment of the technical condition for buyers, sellers, parties of the charter agreement.

Maintaining marine management systems (compliance with the provisions of the ISM Code) and ship security (compliance with the provisions of ISPS Code). Preparation of the vessel / company for external audit by representatives of the classification society and other authorized persons.

Hull insurance (H&M) and liability insurance of ship-owners (P&I). Assistance with insurance, including risk management for the vessel.

ISM management and ISPS
H&M and P&I ship insurance
agency service for port calls and passage of straits/channels
Vessel bunkering
ship crew management
Vessel tracking
work with the flag administration and reflagging
work with the classification society and changing the class
Supply of spare parts plus tools and accessories. Also ships supplies and consumables
organization of vessel repairs and making docking arrangements when required
Time charter

Time charter is always important when working with sea and river transport. Successful business planning at sea does not require its participants to acquire their own fleet. Most companies do not want to commit to costs such as vessel maintenance, operational and repair issues, and responsibility for paying wages to the crew.

For the benefit of such maritime sector participants, there is a mechanism for chartering a ship for a time. This is known as a time charter. The ship-owner undertakes, for a fee, to provide the charterer with the vessel and the services of the ship's crew for temporary use to transport cargo or passengers or for other merchant shipping purposes.

Range of services:

  • drafting a time charter agreement;

  • support of the entire time charter transaction (negotiations, minutes of disagreements, contract, approval, consultations, etc.);

  • defending the client’s interests under the time charter agreement (sub-time charter) in court;

  • legal analysis of existing time charter agreements;

  • legal advice on time charter, etc.