| Container transportation

We carry out combined cargo transportation involving road, rail and sea transport. Providing door-to-door delivery of containers according to single transport documents. It significantly simplifies, speeds up, and reduces the cost of delivery

We also carry out cargo transshipment at terminals and warehouses located both at the Seaport of St. Petersburg and beyond, choosing in each case the optimal shipping method in terms of cost, quality and time.

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Implementing such schemes, we provide the following services:

road and rail delivery of containers to the loading point, subsequent delivery to the port
the ability to transport goods within the internal customs transit rules
use of containers from numerous shipping lines
reloading of material from railway wagons or road freight transport into containers
storage / handling operations at the terminal in St. Petersburg with railway access
sea freight with various delivery options
intermodal transportation, including door-to-door cargo delivery
development of an individual cargo delivery method
monitoring and coordination throughout all stages of the process. Including informing the customer of the location and status of the cargo
cargo insurance
cargo packing, packing repairs and other specialist work upon individual request

At the ports, we offer services for - receiving, transshipment and packing of cargo into containers, along with all documentary requirements.

We provide cargo movement monitoring using our tracking channels (foreign branches and representative offices, communication with local contractors), and provide the customer with complete and regular information about the location and delivery prospects of their goods.